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Ninth International Congress of Fluid Dynamics & Propulsion


December 18-21, 2008

Helnan Palestine Hotel, Alexandria, Egypt


Organized by:

- The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

- Cairo University (Egypt)

- Zagazig University (Egypt)

- Water Technology Association, Alexandria (Egypt)






Conference Program



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Thursday 18-12-2008



Session 1: Computational Fluid Dynamics

Time: 2:00 PM 3:30 PM

Room [A]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Fouad

Co-Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. E. A. A. El-Kady



CFD Development of Engineering Measures for Fire Fighting Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Mahmoud Fouad, and Ghada El-Sawah (Egypt)



Optimum Sizing of Two Disks Arranged in Tandem Placed Normal to a Turbulent Flow

Richard J. M. Messiha, and Mohamed S. El-Morsi (Egypt)



Investigation of Laminar Flow over a Bi-Wedge Shape

E. A. A. El-Kady (Egypt)



Modeling of Air Pollutant Dispersion in Street Canyons in Cross-Wind

Ibrahim A. Gad, Mofreh M. Nasief, S. A. Azez, and A. A. Osman (Egypt)



CFD Analysis of Boundary Layer Growth within a Transonic Wind Tunnel Test Section

Mohamad J. Izadi, and Abedin Shokri (Iran)



Session 2: Multiphase Flow

Time: 2:00 PM 3:30 PM

Room [B]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Guoya Wang

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Mohsen Abou-Ellail



Numerical Study on Multiphase Fluid Dynamics and Transport Processes of Supercavitating Flows

Guoya Wng, Xiangbin Li, Bo Zhang, and Zhiyi Yu (China)



A Two-Fluid Mathematical Model for Gas-Liquid Flows in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells

Mohsen Abou-Ellail, Shih-Hung Chan, Timothy W. Tong, and Karam R. Beshay (Egypt, Taiwan, USA)



Mass Transfer of Liquid Flow through Three Phase System (Gas-Liquid-Solid)

Mosaad M. El-Shayeb (Egypt)



Study on Liquid Phase Dispersion in Unconsolidated Packed Beds

Mosaad M. El-Shayeb (Egypt)



Session 3: Rheological Applications

Time: 4:00 PM 5:30 PM

Room [A]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Sadek Z. Kassab

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Mohamed R. Shaalan



Study of Oil-in-Water Emulsion Flow through Orifice Using Image Processing

Mohamed F. Khalil, Sadek Z. Kassab, Ashraf S. Ismail, and Ibrahim S. Elazab (Egypt)



Magneto-Rheological Fluids and their Use in Dampers to Lower Vibration Effects

Hany A. Gomaa, and Paula Wood-Adams (Canada)



Theoretical Analysis of Polymer Melt Flow through a Capillary Rheometer

Hany A. Gomaa, and Paula Wood-Adams (Canada)



Effect of Adhering Surface Type of an Oleophilic Disk Skimmer on the Oil Spills Recovery from Water

A. M. El-Zahaby, A. E. Kabeel, and A. I. Bakry (Egypt)



A General Correlation for Mean Velocity Distribution with Drag Reducing Polymers

Mohammed F. Khalil, Sadek Z. Kassab, Alaa A. Elmiligui, and Farg A. Naoum (Egypt)



Poiseuille Flow of Fluid whose Viscosity is Temperature Dependent

O. R. Rufai, O. S. Adesanya, R. A. Mustapha, W. A. Gbolagade, and R. O. Ayeni (Nigeria)



Session 4: Computational Fluid Dynamics

Time: 4:00 PM 5:30 PM

Room [B]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Safwat Mohamed

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Osama E. Abdellatif



Computational and Experimental Investigation of the Aerodynamic Effect of the Interfering Gap between Uncommon Towers

Wael M. Elwan, Ahmed F. Abdel Gawad, Hesham E. Abdel Hameed, and Salem S. Abdel Aziz (Egypt)



Computational Study of Centerline Turning Angle Effect on the Turbulent Flow through a Diffusing S-Duct Using Large-Eddy Simulation

Osama E. Abdellatif, Ibrahim M. M. Shahin, and M. F. Abd Rabbo (Egypt)



Aerodynamic Investigation of a Concaved Airfoil in Ground Effect

K. H. Hafez, O. A. Elsamni, P. A. Hung, and H. H. Chun (Egypt, South Korea)



Numerical Investigations of Two- and Three-Dimensional Turbulent Flows in a 180o Curved Diffuser

Berge Djebegjian, Mohamed Safwat Mohamed, and Alaa Elsayed (Egypt)



Numerical Analysis Effect of Sweep Angle and Taper Ratio on Lift and Drag Coefficients of a Cessna Wing

Mohammad J. Izadi, and Jafar Ammouie (Iran)



Numerical Analysis Effect of Winglet on Lift and Drag Coefficients of a Cessna Wing

Mohammad J. Izadi, and Jafar Ammouie (Iran)



Keynote Speech:

Time: 7:30 PM 8:30 PM


Energy & Environment

Prof. Dr. Amin Mobarak; Conference Chairman



Friday 19-12-2008




Time: 9:00 AM 11:00 AM

Room [A]


The Future of Natural Gas in Egypt: Usages and Activation



Session 5: Fluid Dynamics

Time: 9:00 PM 10:15 PM

Room [A]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Nabil H. Mostafa

Co-Chair: Dr. Berge Djbedjian



Experimental and Numerical Study of Spoiler Effect on Ship Stability: Effect of Air Injection Position

Berge Djebedjian, N. H. Mostafa, Emad M. S. El-Said, and Magdy Abou Rayan (Egypt)



Experimental and Numerical Study of Spoiler Effect on Ship Stability: Effect of Ship Floor Angle

Berge Djebedjian, N. H. Mostafa, Emad M. S. El-Said, and Magdy Abou Rayan (Egypt)



Experimental and Numerical Study of Spoiler Effect on Ship Stability: Effect of Spoiler Inclination Angle

Berge Djebedjian, N. H. Mostafa, Emad M. S. El-Said, and Magdy Abou Rayan (Egypt)



Study of Using Vortex Breakdown in Vortical Flow Field at the Outlet of Propellant Tanks

Mahdi N. Mahyari, Hasan Karimi, and K. N. Toosi (Iran)



Numerical Simulation of Converging Spherical Shock Problem

M. Shabourei, R. Ebrahimi, and Ku. Mazaheri (Iran)



Session 6: Water and Water Structures

Time: 10:15 AM 11:30 AM

Room [B]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Abdel Azim M. Negm

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Maged M. Elfiky



Computational Models for Analyzing Scouring Problems at Nile River

A. M. Negm, M. M. Elfiky, T. M. Owis, and M. A. Nassar (Egypt)



Effect of Triangular Collar Width on Local Scour at Bridge Pier under Very Low Froude Numbers

Yasser A. Mohamed, Gamal M. Abdel-Aal, Abdelazim M. Negm, and Amira A. Fathy (Egypt)



Effect of Side Slopes of Trapezoidal Channel on Maximum Scour Depth Downstream of Transition

Gamal M. Abdel-Aal, Abdelazim M. Negm, Talaat M. Owis, and Marwa Shahin (Egypt)



Effect of Partially or Fully Submerged Vegetation on Roughness Coefficients in Rectangular Open Channels

 Abdelazim M. Negm (Egypt)



Effect of End Step on Flow Characteristics Downstream of Radial Gates in Stilling Basin of Nagahamadi Barrage Physical Model

Abdel Azim M. Ali, Abdedl Azim M. Negm, Mohamed H. El Gamal, Mohamed F. Helwa, and Mohamed B. Saad (Egypt)



Session 7: Convective Heat Transfer

Time: 3:30 PM 5:00 PM

Room [A]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Essam E. Khalil

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Al-Adawi S. El-Metwaly



Thermal Emission Reduction of Heavy Equipment Power Plant

Khaled M. S. Eldalil (Egypt)



Mixed Convection Heat Transfer from a Short Vertical Cylinder Placed in a Crossflow

E. A. Elkady, Y. Rihan, and S. El-kholy (Egypt)



Heat Balance Integral Method Applied to Ablation Problems with Mushy Zones

Waleed M. Abdel Fatah, M. M. Helal, and Said G. Ahmed (Egypt)



Numerical Simulations of Forced Convective Heat Transfer of Nanofluids in Circular Tubes with Uniform Heat Flux

R. Lotfi, and S. Sattari (Iran)



Assessment of Mathematical Modeling of Heat Transfer and Air Flow Patterns inside an Air-Conditioned Movie Theatre

Essam E. Khalil, Gamal Rl-Hariry, and Waleed Abdel-Samee (Egypt)



Session 8: Air Ventilation

Time: 03:30 PM 05:00 PM

Room [B]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Mohamed R. Shaalan

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Sadek Kassab



District-Cooling Technology and Energy Saving

Mahmoud Fouad, Ghada El-Sawah, and Othman Hassan (Egypt)



Smoke Management Systems in Artia Using Field Model

Mahmoud Fouad, Ghada El-Sawah, and El-Sayed Abdel Gelil (Egypt)



Natural Ventilation for Tunnel Metro

Mofreh M. Nassief, Nabil M. Guirguis, and M. A. Hassan (Egypt)



A CFD Study for the Ventilation Efficiencies of Different Ventilation Systems in Underground Garages

M. M. Abo Elazm, Ahmed F. Elsafty, A. A. El-Ahwani, and R. Hamouda (Egypt)



Symbolic Calculation for Free Convection in a Circular Cavity with Constant Heat Flux

Kamyar Mansour (Iran)



Keynote Speech:

Time: 1:30 PM 2:15 PM


Turbomachinery Erosion and Performance Deterioration

Prof. Dr. Awatef Hamed; Conference Chairman



Session 9: Computational Fluid Dynamics

Time: 3:30 PM 5:00 PM

Room [C]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Amr Serag El-Din

Co-Chair: Dr. Ahmed F. Abdel Gawad



Turbulent Flow around Single Concentric Long Capsule in a Pipe

Mohamed F. Khalil, Sadek Z. Kassab, Ihab G. Adam, and Mohamed Samaha (Egypt)



Turbulent Flow around Concentric Capsule Train in Hydraulic Capsule Pipeline (HCP)

Mohamed F. Khalil, Sadek Z. Kassab, Ihab G. Adam, and Mohamed Samaha (Egypt)



Comparison of Performance of a Wind-Driven Ventilator under Laboratory and Field Conditions

Amr Serag-Eldin (Egypt)



The Influence of Upstream Windbreak Fence on Airflow Characteristics over Two-Dimensional Hill

Ahmed A. Salman, Abdel-Salam Zoklot, and El-Shahat Mohmed (Egypt)



Numerical Analysis of Pressure and Temperature Distribution within a Test Section of a Transonic Wind Tunnel

Mohammad J. Izadi, and Abedin Shokri (Iran)



CFD Drag Simulation of a Parachute in a Side-by-Side Formation of Several Canopies

Mohammad J. Izadi, and Reza B. Razzaz (Iran)



Session 10: Computational Fluid Dynamics

Time: 5:00 PM 6:30 PM

Room [A]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Awatef Hamed

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Faiz Abed El Azim



Computation of Unsteady Heat Transfer on the Casing of a Turbine Blade: Effect of Inlet Total Temperature Wake

Lamyaa El-Gabry, and Ali A. Ameri (Egypt)



Study of Unguided Flow in a Chamber

Ashour Abdel Fattah (Egypt)



Development of the Concept of Double Refrigerant and Air Cooled Steam Power Plant

Ahmed S. Hegazy (Egypt)



Turbulence Model for the Boundary Layer Transition Using LRN Models

A. Rahbari (Iran)



Turbulent Separated-Reattached Flow around a Blunt Flat Plate

Kamyar Mansour, and Shirzad Hosseinverdi (Iran)



Stochastic Reliability Risk Assessment Approaches

Balaji Kannan, Krishnaraja Nellikunje, Ragupathy Kannusamy, Diaa Hosny, and Visalakshi Subramaniam (India, USA)



Session 11 Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

Time: 5:00 PM 6:30 PM

Room [B]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Zeinab S. Safar

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Mohsen Abou-Elil



Characteristics of Magnetized Turbulent Flow Journal Bearings Lubricated with Ferro Fluid

Zeinab S. Safar (Egypt)



Flutter Behavior of Shape Memory Alloy Hybrid Composite Cylindrical Panels at Elevated Temperatures

Hesham H. Ibrahim, Hong Hee Yoo, and Kwan-Soo Lee (Egypt, South Korea)



Flutter Characteristics of Functionally Graded Material Panels Subject to Mechanical and Thermal Loads

Hesham H. Ibrahim, Hong Hee Yoo, and Kwan-Soo Lee (Egypt, South Korea)



Analysis of Laminated SRM Cylindrical Shells under Axial Thrust and Pressure Loads

Essam A. M. Elmogazy (Egypt)



Investigations into the Performance of Diesel Engines Using Blends of Waste Vegetable Oils

M. Said, H. M. Shabana, S. A. Wilson, and A. H. E-Askary (Egypt)



Effect of a Tuned Liquid Damper Screen Configuration on Structure Response

H. Morsy, M. Marivani, and M. S. Hamed (Canada)



Session 12: Turbomachinery

Time: 5:00 PM 6:30 PM

Room [C]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Mohsen Abou-Ellail

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Nabil H. Mostafa



Compressor Intercooling Using Water Injection

Mohamed Gaber Abdel Kareim (Egypt)



CFD Analysis of a Tandem-Bladed Centrifugal Compressor and Comparison of the Performance and Flow Characteristics with Conventional Design

Ma Chao-Chen, S. N. Danish, and Yang Ce (China)



Centrifugal Compressor Impeller Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm

W. Wahba, A. Elnashar, and M. Abdelrahman (Egypt)



Theoretical and Experimental Study of Centrifugal Compressor Impellers

A. Elnashar,  Khaled M. S. Eldalil, A. Hashim, and M. M. Abdelrahman (Egypt)



Optimal Performance of a Savonius Turbine Using an Obstacle Shielding the Returning Blade

M. H. Mohamed, G. Janiga, E. Pap, and D. Thvenin (Germany)



Saturday 20-12-2008


Session 13: Propulsion, Jets and Wakes

Time: 9:00 AM 10:30 AM

Room [D]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Saad A. Ragab

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Medhat M. Serror



A Numerical Study of the Effects of Circulation Control on the Wake of a Circular Wing

Saad A. Ragab, and Abdel-Halim Salem Said (USA)



Unsteady Vorticity Field in a Long Narrow Channel with Endwall Disturbances and Sidewall Injection

A. M. Hegab, and M. V. Nasr (Egypt)



Effect of Inclined Wall Plan Jet Flow Issued in a Main Flow

Fauzy Sh. Abou-Taleb, and Ashour Abdel-Fattah (Egypt)



Characteristics of Jet Issuing from Circular Cylinder in Cross-Air Stream

A. M. R. ElBaz, M. A. Nosier, and H. A. Abotaleb (Egypt)



Numerical Study of Buoyancy-Opposed Wall Jet Flow

A. Abdel-Fattah (Egypt)



Vorticity Generation and Acoustic Resonance of Simulation Solid Rocket Motor Chamber with Transient Sidewall Mass Injection

A. M. Hegab (Egypt)



Session 14: Pipeline Networks

Time: 10:30 AM 12:00 AM

Room [D]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Medhat M. Serror

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Saad A. Ragab



Flow Characteristics of Settling Slurries

Kamal El-Nahhas (Egypt)



Leak Detection Methods in Transmission Pipelines and Error Sources

Tahr M. El-Shiekh (Egypt)



Prediction for the Mass Transfer and Oxygen Corrosion in Complex Pipelines

Mohamed A. Doheim, Hesham M. El-Batsh, and Ahmed F. Hassan (Egypt)



Gas Distribution Network Optimization by Genetic Algorithm

Berge Djebedjian, I. Shahin, and M. El-Naggar (Egypt)




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