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Cairo University

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Zagazig University

American Society of Mechanical Engineers



  FMHC1 - 1978

  FMHC2 - 1983

  ICFM3 - 1990

  ICFM4 - 1992

  ICFM5 - 1995

  ICFDP6 - 1996

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  ICFDP8 - 2006

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  ICFD10 - 2010

  ICFD11 - 2013





The 11th International Conference of Fluid Dynamics is co-organized by Cairo, Alexandria and Menofia Universities. The objective of the conference is to bring researchers in the areas of fluid dynamics together for exchange of ideas to foster further development in the field.

The conference congregates are expected to be over 300 delegates coming from all over the world mostly scientists, educators and consultants with primary interest in the fluid dynamics areas. Numerous papers are to be presented from all over the world.

Researchers, scientists and consultants will benefit from exchanging ideas and prompting new applications.

Managers, manufacturers, designers, and graduate students will benefit from discussing the latest development in the field.






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